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Monsters Exist

A friend of mine used to say when he found a decent album that he'd stubbed his toe on it. Well, if he stubbed his toe on , he'd break it (his toe, not Proudpilot). Might even smash the whole foot. Talk about harsh and in your face, this trio is it. Pounding overamped bass, sometimes fuzzed, laying club-like blows to the ears while the drums slash and burn until your body pulsates with rhythm, rhythm, rhythm beneath keyboards that are sometimes more sound effect than keyboard. This isn't drone music, nosirree, but modern concussion grenades exploded in rhythmic patterns beneath sci-fi themes and variations.

When they're not laying down their version of prog-rock, that is. After four hammering examples of the former, Monsters Exist settles into a hybrid of UK, French, German and Italian prog-rock which would make any '70s prog band proud. Shades of Guru Guru, Van der Graaf, Banco, Ash Ra and even Magma filter their way through track after track, but only in short bursts. A Van der Graaf organ sound here, a jazzy Italian riff reminiscent of Banco there--- sometimes a note, sometimes a sound, and there is no slowing down to figure it out. Proudpilot is on a mission and they take no prisoners.

Few bands use percussion the way these guys do, the machine gun rhythms of the drums coupled with the distorted bass, and when you hear it you might wonder why. There is something almost exhilarating in the combination, like in Dellule. The underlying rhythm with chanting vocal would call out the riot squad here in the States. Or in the too short Hardcore which utilizes heavy reverb and echo on the voice and gives an effect not unlike that of Amon Duul II's Deutsch Nepal, except that they are not German and the music is quite different. See? It's the music! It leaves you dazed and confused and if you play it loud enough, bleeding from the eyes, ears and nose!

But here's the kicker: these guys are from Turkey! You want to know how many Turkish rock bands I have in my collection? One, now, and it's staying there. This is intriguing stuff and when I want my ambient fix, I'll be reaching for Monsters Exist, guaranteed.

Warning: This ain't pop, country, old-timey or southern. Melody is used only for effect. No keyboards, guitars, french horns, violins or banjos were harmed in the making of this album. If you have uncontrolled urges to dance, smash furniture or send money to the band while listening to this album, it has absolutely nothing to do with subliminal messages or any kind of mind control... mind control... mind control... buy this album... buy this album... buy this album... buy this album...........

Frank O. Gutch Jr.

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