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MARIANA BELL INTERVIEW-- Charlottesville's Mariana Bell talks about her home town, her friends, her music and a lot of other important stuff. The release of her new album, Book, will turn some heads for sure, in and out of Charlottesville.

WAYNE BERRY--- Another look at a history of a musician, this time Wayne Berry, who made his way through the music business with the help of personages such as Felice & Boudleaux Bryant, Peter Paul & Mary, Tommy Talton (Cowboy), Henry Lewy, Jackson Browne, members of Area Code 615, and so many others. He was so close and yet so far. Also told pretty much in his own words.

CARGOE--- An historical approach to one of the more intriguing stories of the Rock Era. It runs down Tulsa, Oklahoma's Cargoe, their move from Tulsa to Memphis, their work with Dan Penn and later Ardent Records' Terry Manning and John Fry, and their rise from the ashes. Three members of the group have added a fourth and are at present recording what might be their second album some 40 years after their formation. Heady stuff.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--- Amazing Music from the Blue Ridge:
A look at Charlottesville's vibrant music scene and the musicians attached to it.

CROSSEYED JOHN--- Musician Keith Morris drags Major League Baseball and John Fogerty, kicking and screaming, into the real world. His point? Baseball is a Disney movie only if you look through Hollywood's (and Bud Selig's) glasses.

DEADWOOD REVIVAL--- A rundown of Port Angeles's Deadwood Revival's smokin' show at Corvallis's Bombs Away Cafe on July 11, 2009. A night of family, friends, brew and great music.

GARY DUNCAN--- The legendary guitarist for the Bay Area's Quicksilver Messenger Service talks about the Summer of Love, his origins and heritage, and the music he is playing today. Some of this information was given just to set the record straight.

E=MC5--- Writer Mike Marino looks at Detroit Rock and Roll, the early days. Marino lived the life most of us only read about in Rolling Stone and the Free Press, latching on and hanging on to the hard rockin' side of the Motor City.

KELLY FLINT--- Vocalist for popular New York City lounge band Dave's True Story, Flint stepped out on her own to produce an album extremely pleasing in its simplicity. Featured here courtesy of Guilty Pleasures, Inc.

NICK HOLMES, SOULFUL CROONER--- Holmes looks back at his work with Michael Mainieri and a host of other jazz greats including The Brecker Brothers, Tony Levin, Hugh McCracken, and Donald MacDonald, among others. He met most through the incredible experiment in music which resulted in the one and only White Elephant album. When I wrote this, the stars were definitely aligned.

PETE KOWALKE--- Former member of Cowboy Pete Kowalke has been playing out of Eugene OR for the past few years under the name of Peter Giri. This is a review of the debut concert of his own band in Florence OR in March of 2009.

MORWENNA LASKO & JAY PUN--- Live concert review. A rundown of a May 30, 2010 concert featuring Lasko & Pun at the Old Richmond Church in Richmond, Oregon. An excellent show at a far out venue in the middle of nowhere.

TOM MANK & SERA SMOLEN--- Ithaca, New York's best kept secrets, Mank & Smolen have been working to better not only their own already excellent music, but others' as well. This is their story, from their beginnings in the music world to the present. A fascinating look behind the scenes at the professional life of Smolen, an internationally respected cellist and teacher, and Mank, who until recently split time between his day job and his music.

LOST IN SPACE--- In-depth history of Fort Worth's legendary Space Opera.

DANNY SCHMIDT--- An interview with one of the well-spoken independent musicians of our times. He talks about music, the music industry, being an indie and how important businesses like cdBaby are to independent music.

BOB SEGARINI--- An in-depth interview with Bob Segarini, front man for rock groups The Family Tree, Roxy, The Wackers, The Dudes, and Segarini, among others. Great look back at the summer of 1967 when San Francisco became the poster child for flower power for the supposed respectable media. Talks about Bill Graham, Chuck Berry, Chet Helms, and a handful of names who, not so big at the time, became big in retrospect. Fascinating stuff.

DEVON SPROULE--- An interview. Conducted in March of 2009, it covers the then expected release of Don't Hurry For Heaven, a look at B. J. Cole through Devon's eyes, husband Paul Curreri's production learning curve and more.

SARAH WHITE--- One of the more unique singer/songwriters in the Charlottesville area, Sarah White has been a mainstay for a number of years, and for good reason. Here, she outlines her musical past and talks about trying to make it on the local indie circuit.

SAM WILSON--- Best known for his collaborations with Shannon Worrell and as a member of Sons of Bill, Sam Wilson is fast becoming a key to Charlottesville's music scene. Here, he talks of his work with Sons of Bill and his solo album, Green Gates, released in the Spring of 2009.

STEVE YOUNG * Reluctant Son of the South --- A history of musician Steve Young, from birth to the present: His life as a musician involves a number of respected names in the music business, including Van Dyke Parks, Roy Dea, Tommy LiPuma, Andy Wickham and others. The article is a good 90% quotes and a fascinating read.