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Pop Rock a la Argentina

Just the other day I was bemoaning the fact that there is just not enough power pop out there these days and like manna from Heaven, Saimons' self-titled CD showed up in the mail. Melodic and hook-laden, they proceeded to buzz saw their way into my flagging consciousness and give my pop-deprived heart second wind with pounding rhythm, jangly guitars and short concise leads which spoke to the song rather than the ego. You gotta love a band that has you jumping halfway into an album and I had not listened to that much when the legs started twitching.

In fact, they started with the first choppy rhythm chords of Caught In a Cage: track one. Drums and bass straight out of The Plimsouls and songwriting worthy of The Romantics, Saimons laid me out with one quick punch (and there were nine to go!). Sure, they slowed it down a bit, varying rhythm just enough to allow me to catch my breath, but that didn't stop the jumping. In the Well was a good followup to the slashing first song and Just Can't Wait carries it on with its Lovin' Spoonful edge and a bridge that Big Star only wishes they had come up with (and that's not a slam on Big Star, rather giving credit its due). No time to breathe yet, though, because they go into The Light, deep rhythm guitar chords leading the way toward a blanketing end. Lighter and more upbeat, Losing Time is hook-incarnate, riding a great rhythm guitar sound which makes you laugh right into a chorus that you think you've heard in every great pop song you've ever heard but haven't. They even throw in a little anti-climactic rhythm for good measure (and I think it measured good).

Hey, I'm running out of adjectives here. You do get the drift, I hope. Five more great pop rockers finish out the CD, not a throwaway in the bunch. This is up music, my friends--- music to make you dance, laugh and celebrate! In short, this is good! Damn good, in fact!

has planted roots in Florida, which is good for them but not so much for us (unless you happen to live in Florida, that is). Not now, anyway. A few breaks (like a booking agent somewhere having a love for great pop rock) and we might see them out on the road. I would suggest that if you do, don't pass them up. They'll have you dancing your ass off--- the good dance, not that dance for ego's sake.

In the meantime, you might want to check these guys out. There is a dearth of great pop rockers out there these days. Feed your hunger.

Oh, dearth? It means scarcity. Sorry. Sometimes my Thesaurus just kicks in.

Frank O. Gutch Jr.

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